About the Slavic Village Historical Society

Mission Statement

The Slavic Village Historical Society has relocated to a permanent home in the former convent of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church at 6804 Lansing Avenue, Cleveland 44105.

Through the cooperation of Pastor Rev. Ralph Hudak, we now occupy rented space which includes a library, an office, and ample climate-controlled document storage. All displays and historical materials were moved there in the spring of 2019. Please contact us for an appointment at 216-271-0691.

We serve as a historical resource to Cleveland's Slavic Village and Broadway-East 55th neighborhoods.

Our mission is to instill and increase the historical knowledge of the area now known as Slavic Village and its adjacent communities. To carry out this mission, the SVHS has conducted neighborhood tours and given presentations to area organizations. A major goal is to preserve the history of Newburgh Township with an emphasis on those areas of Cleveland which once comprised its old 14th and 18th wards.

The Slavic Village neighborhood continues to lose historic buildings. As an organization devoted to preserving history, we document as much of this historic loss as possible. Please contact us if you wish to share any of your personal memories.

We are especially eager to gather photographs of this neighborhood's Black migration history. The image upload facility is now available through the Photo Resources tab.

Cleveland's Slavic Village, published in 2009, is available in bookstores and online at Amazon.com.

The image on the SVHS Home Page is a postcard view of the Broadway - East 55th intersection taken in the 1920's. The Broadway Bank Building is extant as Hubcap Heaven. It is pictured during an interior remodel done in 1922 in an Egyptian motif in homage to the then recent discovery of the tomb of Tutankamen. Saint Alexis Hospital rises in the left background looking up Broadway towards today's Downtown. The Olympia Theater is in the building at the right.